Empire Underwriters is introducing a complete alternative Workers Comp program for Distressed, High X-Mod, High Hazard accounts. Do you have clients that are unable to receive affordable Workers Comp from standard programs?

Do You Have a Distressed Client?

  • Cancelled
  • Non-renewed
  • High X-mod (170-300)
  • Gap in coverage
  • SCIF won’t take your client back
  • Client can’t afford premiums
  • Client can’t afford deposit
  • High hazard class code
  • Expiring or expected renewal premiums in excess of $50,000

How Empire Can Help…

  • AM Best Rated “A” Carrier
  • No Premium Deposit (65% less out of pocket expense at renewal equals improved cash flow)
  • 10-30% Cheaper than SCIF on close to impossible accounts
  • Pay Your WC Taxes as You Go vs Up-Front
  • No Annual premium Audit
  • Accepts X-Mods from 130-300 (ideal is 150+)
  • Considers risks with gaps, cancelled, and that were non-renewed
  • Pay Go with Payroll & HR
  • Aggressive Claims Management


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