Top 7 Reasons to Select
Empire Alternative Workers Comp Program

  1. 15-30% Lower Cost than State Pool, Fund or other Markets
    • Bottom line savings compared to standard market
  2. 10% Lower Cost than State Pool, Fund or other Market and 50-80% Less Out of Pocket Expense at Inception into Program
    • Cash preservation is a critical factor even when premium savings is not as significant
  3. Insured Wants out of State Pool or Fund
    • Save Money
    • Desires a Choice
    • Desires Better Service
  4. Uninsured – Has no Coverage
    • Little or No Choices
    • State Pool may be an option, but premium and/or deposit are too high
  5. Insured has Multi-State Operations and needs a uniform and seamless Workers Comp Program to simplify Risk Management, Workers Comp and Loss Control.
    • Accommodates scalable business growth without having to have multiple carriers or Funds in multiple states
    • Reduces or eliminates the need for Multiple Large Deposits for various carriers or State Pools
  6. Wants more aggressive Claims Handling
    • Alternative Workers Comp programs traditionally have more agile and aggressive claims handling and work closer with the Insured to reduce losses before they occur and reduce the overall cost of open claims, working aggressively to see them through until closed.
  7. Insured wants more Risk Management and HR Support
    • Our Alternative Workers Comp programs provide proactive support for HR and Risk Management, yielding human resources and compliance expertise, all while your client remains completely in control of day-to-day business operations and services.

Cost Saving Example