Contractors General Liability – 12 Carriers

Empire features 5 General Liability Carriers with AM Best Ratings ranging from A to AXV. We can provide coverage to Artisan Contractors, Builders, Developers as well as Construction Managers and Supervisors. Empire has carriers that can provide General Liability Insurance for your customers that are new ventures, “have no-prior”, a lapse in coverage, canceled or with prior claims.

Tract Home Builder Program – “A” Rated Carriers

AXV Rated Carrier by AM Best. For builders 10 Homes or more. Same day indications with full submission.

“A” Rated Century Surety General Liability

Empire Underwriters Century Surety General Liability program offers “A” Rated coverage to over 300 class codes. Send in your submissions today for fast quotes.

A Rated Admitted Program for Roofers, Developers, GCs

This is a special Admitted A Rated Contractor Program for both Residential and Commercial Contractors, including Developers, General Contractors, Roofers, Subcontractors, Artisans and Remodelers.

A+ Rated Commercial Excess & Umbrella

Empire’s Commercial Excess Liability Program gives your clients an added layer of liability protection over and above your commercial policies. We have partnerships with multiple national “A” rated carriers to provide your clients with the coverage they need.

Contractors General Liability – Brokerage Markets

Our Brokerage Department is available to assist your agency in placing your middle market, larger or more difficult commercial risks. With over a dozen highly rated carriers to choose from, and decades of combined experience in the brokerage sector and surplus lines marketplace, we provide you with the markets, expertise, and support you need in placing the account.

Wrap Up Coverage – “A” Rated Carriers

Wrap Up programs are a comprehensive General Liability Insurance project-specific policy that combines coverage normally provided separately by different parties. In WRAP policies all participating contractors and subcontractors avoid having multiple carriers at odds in a claim settlement situation and allow for tighter, more consistent safety procedures. The 3 key elements of a Wrap-Up Policy are Coverage, Control, and Cost Savings.

Contractors Pollution Liability

Contractors Pollution Liability provides coverage to general contractors, construction managers, and various trade contractors who could potentially have both pollution and professional claims. CPL/Professional provides coverage for E&O exposures for contractors.

Building Materials Manufacturers & Distributors Program

Empire has a new General Liability insurance for manufacturers and distributors of building materials and products. This program is available to accounts that manufacture or distribute products or services utilized in Home or Building Construction. Contractors’ licenses are not required for eligibility for this program.

A Rated Liquor Liability Program

Empire’s Liquor Liability Program gives your clients a wide range of protection over a wide range of class codes.

A Rated Tank Liability Insurance Policy – Pollution

The Commercial Storage Tank Pollution Liability product is insured by an “A” rated carrier, serviced by our team of experts and available with no premium commitment.

Century Surety Garage Product

The Century Surety Garage product is insured by an “A” rated carrier. This new product contains Garage Liability and Garage Keepers Legal Liability.

Century Surety Motor Truck Cargo

Empire Underwriters Century Surety Truck Cargo product offers your clients coverage for a wide range of classes. Send in your submissions today!