I'm a new agent. How can I start using Empire?

If you would like for us to work on a submission for you, send us your submission.  Simultaneously, go to “Get Appointed” on site and fill out the producer agreements along with a copy of your current agency license, current E&O Dec Page, W9 and where required (such as California) your Broker Bond. This information can be faxed to your Underwriter at (813) 448-9310 or emailed to your Underwriters email box.

What production requirements will I have with Empire Underwriters?

Empire does not require any premium or volume commitments from producers.  We charge no monthly access fees.  As an Insurance Producer, your expirations belong to you.

What can Empire Underwriters do for me?

Empire is licensed in approximately 40 states nationwide and is able to also write on a non-admitted or Surplus Lines basis in numerous states including FL, CA, TX, AZ, NJ and CO.  Before we opened our doors in 2005, we surveyed retailers across the country asking them what did they want in a wholesaler. The answer was the same everywhere; knowledgeable people, quick turnaround on quotes and fast service.

What will I receive for commissions?

Commissions vary from program to program or carrier to carrier and state to state.  Most workers’ compensation programs paying on average 5-8%.  Most Employee Leasing/PEO commissions are 7-10% and most General Liability commissions are 10-15%.  You may retain your commissions on General Liability policies. Workers Compensation commissions are paid as earned.   Each quote sent to you will have the commission for that product noted clearly on the quote.  Higher commissions are available to higher volume producers. Empire pays commissions as we are paid from our carriers and we generate our commission checks usually within 15 days from receipt of carrier.

Do you have a Contractors GL program for insured's with no prior coverage or new business ventures?

Yes, have several carriers that can provide same day quotes with a complete submission and we are typically able to bind the same day.

Do you have a Workers Compensation program for insured's with no prior coverage or new business ventures?

Yes we do.  The best way to complete a submission for a “no prior” or “new venture” is to provide the reason for no prior coverage in the submission and if a new venture, provide a resume on the owners.

What's the turnaround once I send a completed submission to your office?

We usually can provide a quote within 24-72 hours depending on the time of the day we receive the submission and the carriers turnaround.  On some accounts we can provide same day quotes.  Soon we will be providing our producers the ability to generate online indications/quotes for risk less with premiums less than $10,000.

What are the benefits of using you?

We aim to answer your calls live, be more responsive, give you quick and thorough answers you can rely on, and to get you your quotes as quickly as possible so that you can compete.  We realize that we will only grow as we help you grow.   We are commitment to our producers and are committed to making our processes easier to work with and more efficient to make your experience with us more profitable for you.

When will online Workers Comp Quote/Indications be available?

Our management and Tech staff are diligently working on this to bring this to availability for our producers.   We will send out announcements to our producers letting them know as soon as our ability activate this part of our portal is available.

How will I know if you have added Carriers or Programs to your offerings?

At Empire, we will do the best we can not to keep it a secret of any new Products, Programs, Carriers or offerings.  We will be aggressively adding programs to meet the needs of our Independent Agents and Brokers.  It is for this reason it is to your advantage to provide us with your email address and that of your key staff so that we may keep you constantly informed of our ever increasing product line.

What are the billing options for your programs?

On General Liability accounts, we require an executed premium finance agreement unless the premium is paid in full.  We will usually provide you with a quote with a premium finance agreement included unless you request otherwise. On Workers Compensation, all of our programs are direct bill with payment plans varying by premium size & program.  When a quote is issued, the payment options are listed clearly on the quote.

What are the minimum premiums for your programs?

Minimum premiums vary by carrier, by state and by program.  Some Classes have particular minimums as well.  Until all carrier information is posted on the website, it is best to discuss your particular risk with an underwriter.

I have a difficult risk. Can you quote it?

Typically, the answer for this is yes.  For Contractors risks, our in-house underwriters look for a way to say “yes” and for this reason, we feature General Liability carriers which can frequently help us accommodate the most difficult of risks.  For Workers’ Compensation, our Alternative Risk Department has the creative resources to make even the most difficult risks work, whether High Hazard, High Mod, Shock Loss or Multi-State exposures.

I have a risk that needs Loss Control? Can you provide this?

Yes. Several of our Workers Comp programs can and will include a Loss Control component, predicated on the terms of provided or on tailored to the needs of particular risk and insured.  Discuss this feature with your Underwriter the time of your submission and let he/she know what your insured is looking for.

My client says he does not want a PEO, but given his loss experience, it looks like that may be his only or best option. Can you help me?

Our Alternative Risk department is the one-stop specialist in dealing with adverse risk accounts.  As PEOs typically combine Workers Compensation with Payroll and Loss Control, and as PEO is typically something that is new to your client, a knee-jerk reaction will usually follow.  And that reaction is typically “NO”.  People are usually not immediately receptive to something new.  Further, a PEO may also contain a maze of other moving pieces or options and these, if not explained properly may add to the confusion for the client.  We have listened to our producers and we know this not what you want.   At Empire, have over 50 years combined experience in matching clients with the write Alternative Risk product, whether PEO, ASO or ESO.  We won’t just “through numbers at you”.  What sets us apart from others is our experience and expertise.  Count on us to help your client see through the confusion as our Underwriters will spend the needed time with you and your client to assist them understand the what a PEO can do for them and how it can help them solve their risk management problems, time and most importantly, their hard earned money.