Our Alternative Risk department is the one-stop specialist in dealing with adverse risk accounts.  As PEOs typically combine Workers Compensation with Payroll and Loss Control, and as PEO is typically something that is new to your client, a knee-jerk reaction will usually follow.  And that reaction is typically “NO”.  People are usually not immediately receptive to something new.  Further, a PEO may also contain a maze of other moving pieces or options and these, if not explained properly may add to the confusion for the client.  We have listened to our producers and we know this not what you want.   At Empire, have over 50 years combined experience in matching clients with the write Alternative Risk product, whether PEO, ASO or ESO.  We won’t just “through numbers at you”.  What sets us apart from others is our experience and expertise.  Count on us to help your client see through the confusion as our Underwriters will spend the needed time with you and your client to assist them understand the what a PEO can do for them and how it can help them solve their risk management problems, time and most importantly, their hard earned money.