California WC – New Ventures – Lapse Okay

Finding a Workers Compensation program for Mainstreet Classes in California can be a daunting task. Empire’s program has coverage for over 200 Mainstreet Classes.

AXII Rated Workers Comp – Same Day Quotes

Empire’s new AXII Rated Workers Comp program from RTW can provide you with same days quotes for your clients. This new program gives you a wide range of class codes and great commission options.

A Rated Admitted Program for Roofers, Developers, GCs

This is a special Admitted A Rated Contractor Program for both Residential and Commercial Contractors, including Developers, General Contractors, Roofers, Subcontractors, Artisans, and Remodelers.

A+ Rated Commercial Excess & Umbrella

Empire’s Commercial Excess Liability Program gives your clients an added layer of liability protection over and above your commercial policies. We have partnerships with multiple national “A” rated carriers to provide your clients with the coverage they need.

AXV Monoline Liquor Liability Program

Empire’s Liquor Liability Program gives your clients a wide range of protection over a wide range of class codes.

Wrap Up Coverage – AXV

Wrap Up programs are a comprehensive General Liability Insurance project-specific policy that combines coverage normally provided separately by different parties. In WRAP policies all participating contractors and subcontractors avoid having multiple carriers at odds in a claim settlement situation and allow for tighter, more consistent safety procedures. The 3 key elements of a Wrap-Up Policy are Coverage, Control, and Cost Savings.

Difficult to Place Commercial Property Coverage

We are now offering Commercial Property Insurance. Empire offers a wide range of specialties when it comes to Property Insurance.

Inland Marine, Contractor’s Equipment and Misc. Property Coverage

Empire’s Inland Marine product features an A Rated carrier and offers coverage to a wide range of class code.

A Rated Tank Liability Insurance Policy – Pollution

The Commercial Storage Tank Pollution Liability product is insured by an “A” rated carrier, serviced by our team of experts and available with no premium commitment.