We are now offering Personal Property Insurance. Empire offers a wide range of specialties when it comes to Property Insurance.

Program highlights

This Product is for Personal Lines Properties

Monoline Wind Coverage

Wind Deductible Buy-Back Program

Low (or no) Wind Deductibles

Earthquake, Flood and/or DIC

FLOOD only, Limit = up to $10,000,000 all zones considered (All occupancies considered, no restrictions)

Sampling of Target Classes (Many More Available)
  • High Exposure or High-Value Homes
  • Condominium Associations
  • Vacant Properties
  • Builder’s Risk and Course of Construction

Areas of Success

  • Older Structures
  • Non-Sprinklered Risks
  • More Hazardous Occupancies
  • Medium – High Brush Exposure
  • Protection Codes 4 or 6 or Higher
  • Risk with Quote Time Constraints
  • Risks With Prior Shock Losses
  • Flood A&V, CBRA & Non-Participating Zones


COVERAGE: Limits = $7,000,000 limit of loss with access to higher limits. (Primary, Excess, and full valued limits)

  1. D.I.C. including standalone Flood and Earthquake
  2. “ALL RISKS’ excluding Flood, and Earthquake
  3. Stand Alone Windstorm and Hail
  4. All occupancies considered, no restrictions
Submission Requirements

Complete Statement of Values (SOV) Form (Acord 139) - Click to Download

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