PEO For Staffing Companies

Empire Underwriters PEO for Staffing Companies program has tailor-made solutions for each risk. The program also offers flexible payment options and aggressive commissions. Available in most states, contact us to get appointed and let us assist with your Staffing Company accounts.

Program Features

Tailor-Made Solutions For Each Risk

High Deductible Programs

Retroactive Programs

May Qualify For Dividend or "Return of Premium" Plans

Loss Control Assistance - Risk Management Services

Expert and Fair Claims Management

Little of No Customer Service for the Retail Producer

Automatic Renewals in Most Cases with No Audits

HR Services / Support

Pay As You Go Plans

Optional Zero Premium Deposits

Payroll Service Including Full Tax Remittance & Compliance

Multiple Coordinated Policy Programs - MCCP

Master Policy Programs in Compliance with NCCI Guides

Quick Turnaround on Quotes

appetite & focus

Our PEO for Staffing Companies Programs are designed for Staffing Companies that wish to get out of a State Work Comp fund, a state “assign risk pool” or “insurer of last resort”.

We can assist you with high X-Mod accounts and accounts with a lapse in coverage or tough/high hazard class codes. Get appointed today and start doing more for your Staffing Company clients.

Submission Requirements


X-Mod Worksheet

3Year Loss Runs

Loss History Affidavit for Accounts with Lapse in Coverage or No Prior

Explanation of Claims over $20,000

Supplemental for Class of Work

Do More for your clients

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