Through our differentiated and exclusive programs, we write approximately $500 million in annual premium for a select group of specialty niche industries.

Target Insureds

  • Company must be in business for at least three-years with current management
  • Satisfactory DOT rating
  • Full time safety director
  • $50,000 minimum premium
  • Company must have payroll in ASCS Trucking approved class code list
  • Excluded Ops; Hazardous Exposures i.e. gas haulers, explosives, liquid chemicals, anhydrous ammonia
  • Eligible for referral; flatbed haulers, auto transporters, moving and storage

Features & Services

  • “A” IX Rated Carrier
  • Serviced through Trucking specific workers’ compensation portal system
  • Results driven claims handling including claims triage services
  • Customized Loss Control services with online based monitoring system
  • Risk Management Information System (RMIS)- allows access to our technology platform offering specialized loss, premium and policy information in addition to benchmark analysis comparing results of peer members as well as industry performance overall
  • Predictive Actuarial Modeling customized to each trucking accounts operations
  • Premium financing options available


Workers' Compensation

Occupational Accident

Contingent Liability

Submission Requirements

  • Completed ACORD and program supplemental applications
  • Current and prior year experience mod worksheet
  • Five-years payrolls
  • Five-years loss runs valued within three months of expiration
  • Description of losses over $25,000
  • Safety program information

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